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We’ve put together special statistics and facts about the amazing 25 years that we’ve had.

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Our 25th Anniversary

Here for the next 25 years

Whilst celebrating The Pituitary Foundation offering support and information for the past 25 years, we want to be able to do this for the next 25 years. People with pituitary conditions and their families won‘t be alone, unsupported and uninformed in the future – we will work as hard as ever to be here for everyone who needs us. Our goal to reach 2044 (in 25 years’ time) as a charity will need your help, as always.

We want to look after all of those in our community as they go through their journey – right through to the golden years.

We want to offer support to those who are just diagnosed – they should never be alone.

We want to care for the families of little ones – through nappies to college and onwards.

We want to be here for you all.
Can you help us be here?

Stats and Facts

Celebrating all that we have achieved over the last 25 years 

In January 2019, we will be sharing our most interesting statistics from the last 25 years. In the meantime, take a look at what we achieved 2013 – 2016!

3 years stats pic 1
3 years stats pic 2

Fundraising Events

Bungee Jump

Tick something off your bucket list and get your heart racing with a 160ft bungee jump!  Saturday 18th May 2019

Ben Nevis

Climb the highest mountain in Britain with our experienced mountain guide, Ben Nevis stands 1344m!  Saturday 18 May 2019

Snowdon Trek 2019 Registration

Join Team Pituitary in 2019 to trek to the top of Wales, conquering Mount Snowdon at an elevation of 3,560ft. Saturday 20th July 2019

Fundraiser of the week

As part of our 25th Anniversary celebrations, we’re going to be shouting about some of our top fundraisers. Every week we’ll be selecting one of our outstanding fundraisers to be ‘Fundraiser of the Week’.

Keep an eye out…it could be you!

This weeks fundraiser of the week is…

Darren & Sally

Who ran the Majorca Half Marathon as part of iSalon’s fundraising efforts

London Landmarks Half Marathon

This event is not your average half marathon! From cultural landmarks and heritage to the capital city’s quirky and hidden secrets, runners get to explore London on a route like no other. Sunday 29 March 2020

Zip World Velocity (North Wales)

THE NEAREST THING TO FLYING! At Zip World Penrhyn Quarry, Bethesda, is the fastest zip line in THE WORLD and the longest in Europe. Saturday 14 Sept 2019

ArcelorMittal Orbit Abseil Challenge

Our most thrilling abseil yet: a 262ft freefall drop over the edge of the ArcelorMittal Orbit – the tallest sculpture in the UK. Saturday 6 July 2019 at Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park, London

 For more details, visit our fundraising page on our main website!

Previous Fundraisers of the week

Jess Seeley

16 Sept: Who ran the Richmond RUNFEST Marathon last weekend

Stef Drummond and team of EZ-Runner

23 Sept: Who completed the Tough Mudder this weekend

Jonas HR Dept

30 Sept: Who wore their pyjamas to work

Darryl and Mooney

7 Oct: Who are running the Manchester Half Marathon in loud leggings!

Adam & Georgie

14 Oct: Who are taking on the Snowdon Triple as part of the Jonas Charity of the Year

Giving thanks Anyone impacted by a pituitary condition can have their messages of thanks, to those who have helped them through their pituitary journey, displayed here.

  • From Carl hall

    From Carl hall

    1. My wife. She got me thru my diagnosis and recovery & reminds me to take my HC even now. 2. The #NHS , my GP and the Endo team at Pompey & Soton Neuro who made the healing possible. 3. Oh and @Pituitary_org of course!
  • From Tracey Louise Campbell

    From Tracey Louise Campbell

    The team at Manchester children’s university hospital in the endocrine specialist department for diagnosing and treating my condition. Also my family for putting up with a lot.
  • From Nicholas Melling

    From Nicholas Melling

    Thanks Rebecca Deighan! 😊
  • From Samantha Batten

    From Samantha Batten

    To Phil, for simply just being their for me through the tough and not so tough times. For always being by my side with the endless hospital visits.To the Kettleby Cross Staff for their understanding, support and for making those adjustments to my working week. I thank you so much, I am truly grateful
  • From Phillip Weeks

    From Phillip Weeks

    My wife Becka, without her I’m sure I wouldn’t be around any more!
  • From Carol Pocknall

    From Carol Pocknall

    Thank you to Tony Pocknall for getting me through this for the past 4 years and I know you’ll be there as my journey continues too. So many times I’ve felt like giving up but you’re always there for me 😘
  • From Sair Savill

    From Sair Savill

    My husband Howard Savill keeps me sane and helps me when I’m a mess
  • From Suzy Searle

    From Suzy Searle

    I would like to say a big thank you to my husband Neil Searle for being with me every step of my journey since my brain tumour and radiation damaged my pituitary gland. I have been backed up by all my hormones since 2002 and now an even bigger challenge with metastatic melanoma, now without back up of growth hormone? He has been my rock and support, and without him I would never have been able to fight through this. Please tell him how much I love him xx
  • From Paul

    From Paul

    To Kelly, My understanding and hardworking wife, you have been by my side during the past 5 years whilst we have been on this journey with hypopituitarism. From the then unknown illnesses five years ago, to the 6 months I spent bed bound and absent from work straight after getting married, to the massive improvements we have seen after fighting for growth hormone replacement for so long. We have been through this together and I will never forget how hard it was but how much it has cemented us. Thank you, always.
  • From Mike B

    From Mike B

    I was diagnosed with macroprolactinoma and acromegaly just over a year ago. Last year I had surgery, and soon I will begin radiotherapy. Many people have helped and supported me in this first year of my pituitary journey, and I thank them all. But I could not have got through without my lovely, kind, capable wife Jenny. On the medical side, I have been incredibly blessed to be under the care of Judith, the specialist nurse at the Royal Free, who regularly goes the extra mile for me and no doubt for her other patients
  • From James T

    From James T

    I’d like to thank my wife Emma for her love and support since the effects of my pituitary tumour (unaffectionately known as ‘Terry’) first came to light, and for putting up with me for the years prior during which time ‘Terry’ was quietly doing his stuff and making me a particularly grumpy git. You were there for me right through the frightening symptoms, diagnosis, operation and subsequent radiotherapy. It meant a lot and still does. Onwards and upwards – this’ll not beat me. All my love xx Thank you to the Raeburn clan for their wonderful support during this time, too. I’d also like to thank staff at the DCN and Edinburgh Cancer Centre (Western General Hospital, Edinburgh), Borders General Hospital, Melrose and at Merse Medical Practice, Chirnside for their superb care (a timely reminder of just how valuable our wonderful NHS is). Thanks also go to Specsavers in Galashiels. Last but not least, thanks to the Pituitary Foundation for the wealth of resources which were – and still are – invaluable.
  • From Richard Billam

    From Richard Billam

    I would like to thank the optometrist (don’t know their name) at Boots in 2011, who misread the cause of my blurry vision but advised me to go to A&E. That got my pituitary tumour diagnosed. I’d like to thank the late Mr Lou Pobereskin, the neurosurgeon who operated on the tumour, for being the first consultant who I ever saw after the first consultation and for answering my panicky e-mails – he’s sorely missed. Also Sarah Revesz, my first specialist nurse, Professor Bijay Vaidya and the whole endocrinology team at the MacLeod Centre, Royal Devon & Exeter Hospital, for keeping me going.


If you want to have your ‘Giving thanks’ message included, please send this to pat@pituitary.org.uk with ‘Giving thanks’ in the subject line. Your email address will not be published, only the text in the email body you send. If you don’t have email access, please send your message to The Pituitary Foundation, 86 Colston Street, Bristol BS1 5BB, marking your envelope ‘Giving thanks’. We will be publishing your messages from January and throughout 2019. 

How to donate

The Pituitary Foundation values every single donation, large or small, and rely on your kindness. We love what we do and we want to be able to keep helping you and your loved ones, and evolving to keep up with your needs. So please support us by clicking on the button below.
Thank you! 

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Our Team

Meet the group who make The Pituitary Foundation possible. 


Menai Owen-Jones

Menai has been CEO of the charity for seven years and originally joined the organisation in 2009. She is a qualified director, with fifteen years’ experience in the charity sector and is a Trustee for the charity ACEVO. Menai is passionate about making a difference to help pituitary patients and their families. She greatly enjoys working for The Foundation and leading a dedicated team of staff and volunteers.
IT & Systems Manager

Martin Cookson

Martin was born and raised in Lancashire before studying Applied Biology at Bradford University. After gaining a Masters degree in Computing, he spent twenty five years working in the IT industry, most recently as a freelance database developer working in the insurance and defence sectors. Martin joined The Foundation in October 2012 and works four days a week at our National Support Office in Bristol. He is mainly responsible for keeping our membership database up-to-date and processing the orders we get for our merchandise, alongside IT support and other admin duties.

Head of Patient & Family Services

Pat McBride

Pat began her link with The Foundation back in 1995, as a Volunteer Area Co-ordinator, launching Liverpool Support Group in 1996. Pat’s pituitary condition of pituitary abscess, DI and high prolactin was diagnosed in 1986 resulting in craniotomy surgery and Pat takes all replacement hormones to this day. Pat started as a Regional Co-ordinator working with Local Support Groups and on the Early Awareness Project (EAP). In August 2006, Pat became the Patient Support Manager (and likely, those of you who have been around for a while will have noticed her making her mark) with responsibilities including the National Helpline, Pituitary Life editor and our Telephone Buddy service.

Senior Foundation Administrator

Miranda Payne

Miranda grew up in Southampton before moving to Bristol to study BSc Chemistry at university. During the final year of her degree, Miranda volunteered in the National Support Office one day a week for 6 months as a Fundraising and Marketing Intern. She graduated from university in July 2018 and started working for the Foundation full-time in August 2018. Miranda works closely with Gabrielle and Jay, providing administrative support to the Fundraising and Finance & Resources departments.

Events & Volunteers Manager

Sian Pitman

Sian is originally from a small village in Dorset, and joined The Foundation in April 2016 after graduating from Bournemouth University where she studied MSc Events Management. Previous to this she has studied BSc Psychology & Sociology at the University of the West of England.

Sian’s previous employment and experience has mostly been in various hospitality roles; including as an Assistant Manager at a local pub. Since joining The Foundation she has been in various administration roles across all three departments, but most recently has been promoted to manage the charity’s Patient & Family Services events, as well as managing and delivering the volunteering programme.

Patient & Family Services Administrator

Megan Foster Flaherty

Megan recently moved back to her hometown of Bristol after finishing a Journalism BA Hons degree at Kingston, London. During her final year at university, she decided that she wanted to use what she had learnt to help people as she suffered severely from ME whilst growing up. Alongside her youngest sister having a very rare mitochondria disease leaving her disabled, Megan wanted to work with other organisations that help people the way that charities have helped her and her sister. Megan has since made a full recovery from ME and graduated in July 2018. She began doing marketing freelance for another Bristol-based charity before joining The Pituitary Foundation in October 2018. Megan will be working closely with Sian in the Patient & Services Department.

Patient & Family Services Coordinator

Sammy Harbut

Sammy became involved with The Pituitary Foundation in 2010 after being diagnosed with Cushing’s Disease. Following transphenoidal surgery, she now takes hormone replacement medication daily. She volunteered as a helpline volunteer for over four years before being appointed to her current role in 2015, but has held several other voluntary positions with the Prince’s Trust, at an adult education centre, local primary school and as a Samaritan.

Originally from North Wales, Sammy studied at Manchester, Birmingham and Bournemouth Universities, gaining BA (Hons), B Sci (1st Class Hons) Dip SW and M Soc Sci qualifications. She trained as a Social Worker specialising in Probation, working as a Probation Officer for 17 years. Recently she qualified as an Occupational Therapist, and in this role she is passionate about helping to improve the lives of pituitary patients and their families. She can often be heard saying “Doctors can save your life, Occupational Therapists will help you live it!” Sammy will be assisting Pat McBride in all Patient and Family Support activities.

Endocrine Specialist Nurse

Pauline Whittingham

Profile coming soon.

Head of Fundraising

Jay Sheppard

Jay joined The Foundation in January 2013. Jay himself had a rare brain condition when he was just 15, having just a 10% chance of survival. It is this experience of living with a rare condition that makes him so passionate about his work. Jay has a burning desire to increase public awareness of The Foundation so that no patient need suffer in isolation. After his illness Jay dedicated his life towards fundraising through volunteering and fundraising on a personal level before finally realising his dream of working within the sector. He brings with him a wealth of experience and is always willing to take on any challenge, endurance challenges have always been favourites and highlights include 5 marathons and a triathlon. Jay is always receptive to new ideas or suggestions and would welcome your call!

Office & Finance Manager

Gabrielle Wellend

Profile coming soon.